PLATOSPORT - match analysis for the rest of us.

Designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch, PLATOSPORT allows anyone to conduct match analysis on the go using an extremely flexible recording environment. Any combination of Player, Location, Action, Time and Outcome (PLATO) can be recorded. PLATOSPORT also allows you to graph the results directly on your device and then share them by email. Designed by two very experienced sport scientists, Dr Grant Abt and Dr Lee Nelson, PLATOSPORT benefits from their years of experience working with elite sportspeople and teams.

Match analysis on the go.

While match analysis systems used by elite sports teams are state-of-the-art, they are also very expensive, and therefore out of reach for the rest of us. Having used many of these systems, we wanted to bring the key elements of a comprehensive match analysis system to you without the cost. The touch interface on the iPhone/iPod Touch allowed us to create an intuitive system that is easy to use but flexible enough to cater for almost any situation you might want to analyse.

Hits all the right buttons.

PLATOSPORT uses an intuitive approach for recording the attributes or 'layers' associated with match events. Each button records a minimum of two layers of information, through to a maximum of five (time is always recorded). For example, If you wanted to record every time that Steven shot at goal, where that shot occurred on the pitch, and whether his shot was successful, you could configure a button as shown below.

Delivers results.

PLATOSPORT allows you to generate graphs of your results both during the match, such as at half-time, or after the match has finished. You can select any element of the PLATOSPORT system via the selection tabs at the top of the screen. For example, you could generate a graph that shows all of the successful tackles for up to four players across the duration of the match (shown below). This allows you to see how players performed across the match. Then you can email a copy of your graph to anyone who needs to know. We have also included the ability to email the SQLite database that powers PLATOSPORT. This will allow those users with more extensive requirements to view and analyse the raw data. You can open the SQLite database using the free software SQLite Database Browser. From there you can export the data from SQLite Database Browser as a .csv file and then import that file into Excel.

Location, location, location.

PLATOSPORT ships with eight sports fields/courts for you to record location data, which no other iOS match analysis app allows you to do. The eight sports include American Football, Australian Rules Football, Basketball (shown below), Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Soccer. Each field/court also includes pre-defined 'zones' that make describing location information a little easier. For example, the basketball court shown includes 12 zones; three across the court (left, middle and right) and four down the court (1-4). To record the location of an action simply tap on the field/court where the action occurred.

Experience pays.

Dr Grant Abt has a Ph.D. in sports physiology with extensive experience in applied sport science support within football (soccer) and other team sports. He has provided sports physiology support to a number of elite sporting teams including Hull City FC (English Premier League/Championship) and most recently Hull KR (English Super League). An important branch of Dr Abt's research focuses on the use of semi-automated match analysis systems used by elite sporting teams. He is currently serving as a sports physiology consultant to Hull KR rugby league club who compete in the English Super League. These experiences provided the backdrop for the development of the PLATOSPORT system.

Dr Lee Nelson has a Ph.D. in coaching science from Loughborough University with extensive experience in coaching science and performance analysis. He has previously worked for Sport Universal Process who provide match analysis services to elite football teams via their semi-automated system AMISCO. Dr Nelson's research focuses on coaches' pedagogical use of performance analysis technologies. He is currently serving as a performance analysis consultant to Hull KR rugby league club who compete in the English Super League.